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'Picture it's Sunday morning, the warm sun is kissing your shoulders, it's a serene spring day, not too hot.

You hear the wind in the trees and the birds softly sing their morning song.

Tall grass gently sways between your finger tips as the ground cushions your step.

The smell of sweet wildflowers caress your nose as they ever so quietly dance with the breeze. A perfect morning to wander.

With nowhere to be except here and now, you lie down, close your eyes and dream'


* Original poem and artwork created by Tara from Hello Petal Cards *



100% Cotton Fitted Cot, Bassinet/Change Table Covers


Fitted Cot Sheet will fit up to the standard size- 70cm x 132cm x 19cm

Bassinet/Change table cover will fit up to the standard size- 50cm x 80cm x 5cm